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A Note for Teachers: There is considerable information in this website and you will need to think carefully about how to direct your students' time with the various exhibits. It is not necessary for anyone to see everything on the site, especially if students are in a Distance Learning environment. 

Depending on your students' reading levels and the amount of time that you have, I recommend that you set a specific amount of time for them to engage with each exhibit or page. In a live classroom, you may want to use groupwork strategies such as a jigsaw so students can share what the have learned.. For example, you might have each student in a group look at a different artifact about the Weimar Republic and then share out with each other. 

In a Distance Learning environment, I recommend a tool such as Google Questions to get students to share some of what they have learned with each other. You may want to put together a notetaking worksheet, use the worksheets provided in the Holocaust unit, or the role-play prompts in the India unit. 

Lastly, remember that each header has additional resources, ranging from notetaking sheets, to audio guides, video explanations, or even cultural tidbits. 


A Note on the Holocaust Resources: The Holocaust section connects you to another one of my websites, the separate Joseph and Myra Brandman Virtual Holocaust Memorial Museum.

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