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Ghana: Independence and Decolonization

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The most famous figure of modern India, the spiritual leader of the independence movement, the "Great Soul"


The first Prime Minister of modern India and perhaps the person who did more than any other to achieve India's independence and to make it into the country it is today.


These resources span Ghana's independence movement until today. They are meant to portray some of the complexity of Ghana's modern history as a way to challenge stereotypes and simplifications of African history. 


Before you begin exploring the sources, here are some big questions you should consider throughout your visit:

  • Why is Ghana's history of decolonization important?

  • What caused Ghana's independence?

  • Why was Ghana's independence movement important? 

  • How and why did opposition to colonialism in Ghana change over time?

  • What are the legacies of colonialism for Ghana?

  • How did British colonialism impact Ghana--in what ways, and on whom?

  • To what extent has Ghana achieved decolonization?

  • What is Kwame Nkrumah's legacy for Ghana? Is he a hero?

  • To what extent does Ghana's history challenge our notions of Africa?

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