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There are so many ways in which historians tell about the past and make their arguments. Some use traditional forms of writing like books and journal articles. Increasingly, however, historians are returning to the oldest form of history (oral history) but using modern technologies like the podcast to do so. Historians also utilize artistic mediums like historical fiction, graphic histories, and even picture books to make their claims about the past. Historians can be creative!

Once you have your question, then you need a format to produce a historical argument. Here are some mediums for authentic historical work beyond the formal essay. Each one has unique styles and norms. 

  • Poetry

  • Historical Fiction

  • Perspective Pieces

  • Painting/Visual Art/Sculpture

  • Memorials

  • A video testimonial

  • Documentary

  • Newscast

  • Civic Action on a current issue

  • Music/Song

  • Picture Book

  • Graphic History

  • Podcast

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