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My writing specializes in providing practical and innovative strategies to make learning come alive in the classroom using role-plays and mock trials


David Sherrin teaches social studies at Scarsdale High School. He was previously a master teacher at Harvest Collegiate in New York City.

role-play Resource Page

Access ready-to-use activities:

Korean War Role-Play

1973 Chilean coup Role-Play

Iranian Rev.Choose-Your-Own-Adventure 

Role-Play observer sheets

Video examples for role-plays

developing Historical Skills

Find useful tips to:

Stimulate student discussions through new discussion protocols 

Improve student writing (introductions and conclusions)

Sharpen student historical thinking skills. 

Teaching Human Rights

This special section provides:

Brandman Virtual Holocaust Memorial Museum

Joseph Brandman Holocaust Testimony

Syria Civil War Unit and Peace Conference

Afghanistan Peace Conference


  • Students guiding their research work

  • Producing real historical products

  • Role-Play Conferences and Mock Trials


  • Discussion protocols for real conversation

  • Students leading lessons for each other

  • Out of their seats and into the learning


    • The spirit of role-plays

    • The laughter and the unexpected

    • The pride of creating art

  • Effective

    • Increasing student motivation

    • Making learning real and important

    • Cultivating interaction


Our Testimonials

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"By placing students in the center of complex choices, Sherrin is able tease out the larger questions of the Humanities, including “Why do people do what they do? "


- Kathy Swan, Professor, University of Kentucky and lead writer of the C3 Framework for Social Studies -


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